Bridal Party Alterations
at The Wedding Dress Cleaning Company

While we believe that it’s ALL ABOUT THE BRIDE, on the big day, we offer our expertise to all members of the wedding party.

Mother of the Bride, Bridesmaid and Flower Girl dresses are often bought off the rack without any tailoring options. We encourage you to make sure all members of the wedding party are professionally fitted to look and feel their most comfortable and stylish on the day.

We recommend a private fitting appointment for the Bridal party about a month before the big day, offering custom tailoring such as length/hem adjustments, shoulder work, bust/waistline changes etc. It may be YOUR day, but everyone on your team should be feeling beautiful and looking great in their photographs!

wedding dress cleaning

Specialist Dry Cleaning - for the Bridal Party

We specialise in the cleaning of fine silks, linens and sequined garments at Partners Garment Care. We are the trusted service for designer brands and couture fashion.

When you hand over your delicate dress or treasured gown, you can be reassured that our experienced dry cleaning team will go the extra mile to clean, treat and preserve your garment with the care and attention it deserves, and expensive gowns and occasion wear will look better, feel better and last longer with our expert care – just ask any one of our loyal customers!

Whether we are working on your special occasion wear, business suits or separates, cashmere or angora knits, silks, satins, or casual wear – all garments receive the professional attention to detail we are known for, from the moment we take them in. All items are tagged securely at check-in, and because all fabrics and stains are not the same – we assess each garment individually to identify the optimal dry cleaning process to achieve the best result. We utilize innovative wet/dry cleaning technology, and we hand-finished every garment to ensure that your clothes are returned to you in pristine condition. By regularly leaving your clothes with us, your wardrobe will continue to look “like new” – even the most treasured or vintage items.

Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable about all of our services, including speciality cleaning for fine fabrics and vintage items. If you are unsure about dry cleaning a specific item, we’ll be delighted to assess it for you any time during opening hours. Pop in to see us in our Mullingar locations.

We also offer an express dry cleaning service to get your clothes back to you as soon as possible, when you’re in a hurry. Let us know when you drop them off if you have time constraints we need to workaround. We will do our very best to help!

Environmentally-Friendly Dry Cleaning in Westmeath

Like all eco-conscious businesses, we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. We utilize low-voltage equipment in our dry-cleaning and laundry services, and we work with “Green” and biodegradable detergents to eliminate toxins and effluents from our laundry and dry cleaning processes. These methods do not diminish the quality of our services in any way, but it gives us peace of mind to know that we and our customers are doing our bit to protect the planet.

Many of our customers opt for tailoring and retailoring their favourite items in order to keep them “on-trend” and get longer wear from them. We wholeheartedly support “slow fashion” and we love to help customers buy one, buy quality and then take care of their exquisite garments for the long term.

Our ‘Green Dry Cleaning’ methods sensitively treat your garments with the specialist care and attention that delivers the most impeccable results.

wedding dress cleaning
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