Your Perfect Fit

While we believe that it’s ALL ABOUT THE BRIDE, on the big day, we offer our expertise to all members of the wedding party.

Mother of the Bride, Bridesmaid and Flower Girl dresses are often bought off the rack without any tailoring options. We encourage you to make sure all members of the wedding party are professionally fitted to look and feel their most comfortable and stylish on the day.

We recommend a private fitting appointment for the Bridal party about a month before the big day, offering custom tailoring such as length/hem adjustments, shoulder work, bust/waistline changes etc. It may be YOUR day, but everyone on your team should be feeling beautiful and looking great in their photographs!

bridal alterations

Professional Restyling and Alterations
by The Wedding Dress Cleaning Company

wedding dress cleaning and preservation

Our Sewing Room is a professional fitting and alteration service. Our seamstresses are available by appointment to help you achieve the perfect look, and to ensure accurate measurements for a precise, tailored fit.

Our professional seamstresses have vast experience working on top-end designer brands, and are accustomed to fitting women, men and children of all ages, shapes and sizes. Our fitting room is a calm tranquil space perfect for completely private fittings in a comfortable setting, and our seamstresses will explain what can be achieved with the garment, and what the cost of tailoring will be before any work is undertaken.

Our Bridal alteration service is for new or pre-owned gowns, sample dresses, gowns bought online or ready to fit. We offer specialist resizing and restructure of bridal gowns. We are delighted to offer group bookings for fitting and alterations for a bride and bridal party, and we’ll even offer a glass of champagne at these happy special occasions! We can also re-style or re-size bridesmaid and flower girl dresses or occasion wear for the Mother of the Bride /Groom in the wedding party.

Fashions Fade but Elegance is Eternal
- Repurposing your Wedding Gown

Whether you intend to preserve your dress as a family heirloom, or repurpose it someday – it is essential that it receives specialist after-wear care!

The Wedding Dress Cleaning Company has worked with many brides to restyle and repurpose their precious gowns into Christening gowns, First Communion dresses, or even occasion wear that they get to enjoy again and again themselves.

Whatever outcome you have in mind, start with expert cleaning, restoration and preservation of your gown so that it looks as good as new when you need it to.

wedding dress alterations

Preparing for your First Fitting Appointment

wedding dress cleaning

Preparing for your wedding is such an exciting time but we can also be stressful. We want you to be at your ease and feel comfortable enjoying this memorable experience in the lead up to your big day.

We recommend a first fitting as soon as your dress arrives. We want you to be delighted with your alterations so we advise leaving enough time for further fittings and adjustments.

We will offer options and solutions and discuss every aspect of the process and the timeline for your gown alterations.

It’s important to bring everything you will wear with your wedding dress especially your wedding shoes and underwear to your fittings. This is to ensure that your bodice fits to perfection and that your hem sits just right.

Frequently Asked Questions about Alterations

Why do I need an appointment for a fitting?

Our professional seamstresses have vast experience working on top-end designer brands, and are accustomed to fitting women, men and children of all ages, shapes and sizes. Our customers greatly appreciate the privacy we offer in our fitting room where they can try on the garment and discuss their needs with the seamstress. Fitting, consultation, measuring and pinning takes time, and we want this process to be relaxed for our clients and our seamstress. By booking in advance, we can allocate enough time to every customer.

This is especially important during COVID19, when we try to avoid having customers delayed unnecessarily on our premises.

How long does it take to get alterations done?

Depending on a scale of the tailoring required and other jobs in our queue, alterations can take as little as 2 days or up to 2 weeks. Please let us know during your fitting appointment if you have time constraints which we need to work around – we will always do our best to help.

What happens at a tailoring fitting?

Our expert seamstress will have you try on the garment, and pin it or mark to the desired fit. She may note your measurements. When the garment has been tailored, customers are invited to try it on again before taking it home, to ensure that we have achieved a perfect fit.

When do I need to get my wedding gown alterations done?

As a general rule, aim to have your initial alterations appointment no later than six weeks before your wedding date, or, if you’re getting married abroad, six weeks before you fly to your wedding destination. We understand that time is precious in the run up to the wedding, but make sure to allocate enough time for your subsequent appointments.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

There are two items that are pretty crucial for any dress fitting:

  • your wedding dress
  • your bridal shoes
  • your wedding underwear, which should be nude, not white, to avoid showing through the fabric

We recommend bringing a selection of bras to see which one will work best with your dress. Wedding dress shopping advice applies here too, so remember not to wear fake tan or make-up to your fittings!

What happens at the wedding dress fittings?

The standard flow of wedding dress fittings is as follows:

  • First fitting: the dress is pinned and tailored
  • Second fitting: any outstanding tweaks are made
  • Third fitting: you try your dress on to make sure you’re 100% happy, and take it home!
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